What we played in the show (La Futaie 1996)

Musicians : Schmielden, Kiko et Raoul

Burn the population
Prisoner of Hades (Remember the fallen - Sodom)
With the lyrics modificated by Raoul
Crionics (Slayer)
Alchemist of pain
Captive honour (Megadeth)
Ether Lyrics by Schmielden and Raoul, music by Raoul
The very first Death-Metal's slow !!!
Black magic (Slayer)
A snare and a delusion
Angel of death (Slayer)
Adrenalienator Lyrics and music by Schmielden
Tornado of souls (Megadeth)
One shot at glory (Judas Priest)
Les Thrashers aiment la bière
Evil dead (Death)
Divine intervention (Slayer)
I wouldn't like to be human
Black Vomit
Hail and kill (Manowar)

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