With the dreams of christians
Lies made death easy
Banished on the bed of weakness
I feel that I will soon die

But I know that when I'll cross the Styx
Nothingness awaits me to my doom
A crowd undead huddled together
Reflection of Hell. Why?
Prisoner of Hades

Dead look at me, they know what my sins are
Watching mankind, an alien kind of life
They know what you're doing all the time
Immense hordes witness your deeds

Brother in spite of myself of this voyeur
Am I the only guy to think?
Captive of my reason
Alas there is no flight

Convicted for eternity
Living without needs, is it really good ?
Already boredom lurks 'ver me
I feel that I'll become like them
Prisoner of Hades

Like them I spend my time watching
The days are the same and my future is dead
Eden was not made for our species
God is now only a cruel irony.