Adrenalienator (Schmielden)

Aliened by the anger and the hatred,
He cannot stand the existence of his ennemy,
Possessed by a spirit which give him his strengh
The blindness makes him fight without mercy.
He stays right in front of his mindless agressor,
Becomes like mad by the pulse of adrenaline,
He stares the empty spaces of terror,
His souls reflects his personal black design.

I live my life for myself,
When someone stand on my way,
This is the limit of patience,
Then rise the demon of anger.

Your life don't belong anymore to you, I've got your soul.
I've taken place in your mortal body, I've got your soul.
You're immortal as long as I'm into you, I am the power.
Thanks to me you will face your ennemy, I am the force.

I've given to your body the right to kill !

I'm living my life for myself,
When foreign strengh is living in my soul,
This is the end of my free will,
In the depth of me, a death pulsion.

You can't escape to the power of death, Death is the Lord.
A dark attraction remains in you, Dark is the power.
A desire to act on the fate of things, the world is yours.
The death pulsion is spilling in your vein, hail Thanatos !

Alienation is a very good way to destruction.

I'm living my life for myself,
All my hatred is now justified,
I've broken down my own wall of lies,
Deaf to the mercifull screams of men.