When I were a fuckin' child
Nobody explained to me
There's no God under the sky
And good star to protect me

I enjoyed to think I'm real
But now I cannot bear
To know that my pleasures
Are chemical reactions

Cant you understand, there is no soul
Nothing to be saved, after your doom
Can't you understand, we are just meat
Born to make our stand, and to be defeat

Everything are real but we do not exist,
We cannot believe it because we're stupid,
Our fuckin' face is how we appears,
But we are killer just by philosophy.

I wouldn't like to be human !!!

There is no ideal here,
All the leaders are saled,
So there is no way to choose,
But here I am for your thoughts.

I'm the universal suicide
The chosen one of men,
I'm gonna break your life,
I'm born to rule the fate.

Can't you understand, now you know the truth
You're waiting for death, working for your tomb
Can't you understand, if you are not weak
Do yourself your stand, and show out your dick

You needn't a leader 'cos' you are the master,
But I am the one that will give the disaster,
Upon this rotten world wich is not for me,
Chaos is the law of the new order,

We could be inhuman !

Raoul / Kiko

If only all my pleasures,
Could be limited to beer,
But I'm not born like others,
I accept to one day disappear.

If only I've never born,
I would never feel the pain,
Dust to dust in the storm,
From the life to notingness.

Called to the life: we're not done for it,
Blinded by the fight, for the liberty
But we are not free, 'cos' we are dying
Never pray for me, or you've never hear it.

We'd better realize that we are animals,
Society and laws are to protect the sheeps,
Be only yourself and never copy me,
'Cos' I feel I'm mad and I'm not eternal,

I wouldn't like to be human !!!