S.E.X. (Raoul)

Submitted to you
You rule my life
And thatís why
I hate you

But by dint of thinking
I realised
I never knew you well
And thatís why

Iíve been wasting my life
I know it now
This is not you who ruin me
If I dared follow you,

We would be together
My senses alive,
My life balanced,
Fulfilled at last


Iím old already
And never lived fully
With you my love,
My hate

I canít look in your eyes
Iím afraid to do so
Fear of holding you gaze
Or is my own gaze I fear indeed?

Both hate and love
Violence and sweetness
I wish I understood it before
I wish I lived, lived, lived

I know, inside of me,
That one day weíll be together
Then, on my knees,
You would lead me