EUGENISM (Schmielden)

Learning you neighbourghood, we are all freaks,
Nature made too much faults but we're proud to be different.
People looks ugly, and people looks so sad,
Within your vanity you believe we come from Mars.

Into equality, I see mediocrity,
Where is a distinction, there's a progression.
Natural selection is mankind amelioration,
You believe medecine keeps weakers alive.

Stronger is the hate of the human race, eugenism
Stronger is the love for the ones to come, eugenism
Existence of freaks generates your stress, eugenism
Genetic manipulations got to be, medication.


There's something wrong with more than a strange feeling,
Can't forsee what will be that nightmare is your dream.
No more diversity, people still looks so sad
Forget your vanity, our difference is our strength


Eugenism will castrate you
Eugenism is building a strange future
Eugenism is for a single world
Eugenism who are you to judge human ?