ETHER (Schmielden-Raoul)

When night falls on the shadow of my fear
A curious feeling, a burning desire,
Takes my soul from the depth of the dark.

I feel a touch, the sweet kiss of sadness,
You're here again to fight my loneliness,
Close to me, like a real friend.

Your sexuality figh my evil side
A perfect creature, lying with me;
I've been waiting so long for you.

You set my sleeping senses ablaze,
By the pleasure you give me;
Your breath on my lips rule my heart !

Why are you like ether ? Killing my mind.
Why are you my shelter so far from me ?
I don't understand why I love you

Solo Kiko
In our secret closeness, I feel your fear
Which shakes me and isolates me from my friends;
So alone, so frightened.
Your words hurt me, your looks drive me raving mad,

I forestall all your actions, I'm so afraid you leave me.
You're becoming my only thought.

Why are you like ether ? After contacts, an apathy.
Why do you play with me ? Is it a pleasant game ?
Why are you like ether ? A toxic relationship.
Why don't you drop me ?

Solo Raoul
Annihilating my personality, like a drug, I need you to live
Don't let me alone, I'm gonna die without you.

Give me a chance or release me,
from the spell you've cast on me.
Like ether, you have poisoned me,
scarifying myself.

Solo Raoul