Clean our soul
For the devil
Scream in pain
Obey me
Burn in hell, hahahaha!

You can't save your soul from the destruction
You can't see the truth behind the terror
I can mute the sounds of the victims cries
Obey my laws I'm megalomaniac

You can see the world burning
You see my legion killing

Your life is in my hand
I'm the master of the fire
My heart is full of pain
My hate is in the sky

Burn the population
for the extermination of human race

You can hear my voice deep inside of you
I can teach your acts you're my damned soul
You think to my words every day you live
you're obeying me because I can kill you

You can see the world....
...of human race

I see the terror deep into your eyes
My fire is burning you, people of lies
I kill human for my entertainment
I play with your soul because I'm the devil

You can see the world...
...of human race