Have you ever felt the cold fingers of Death on your frail body ?
Have you ever felt her gruesome universe invading your thoughts ?
A curious impulse. A strange feeling.
The desire to tear his face, to see his body gashed.

Prisoner, cramped for the loathsome burial vault wich is my definition
Trying to lie to my close relations: "No, everything's OK"
Open your fuckin'eyes : it's the other side of the picture,
Welcome to our crawling world !!

The Thanatos
Concept of death
Bitter revolt
From the misfits
That we are !

But as ever there is someone
To sell me an easy and untrue happiness
I prefer be in pain again and again
Instead of tasting their debasing poison

We're distributing violence to overthrow their odious harmony
Chaos' not anymore a concept: it's a new way of life,
A tumultous balance, a nightmarish vision of our inner
An idea called Thanatos !
Thanatos !