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G.A.F.F. then Shiver Blood

Schmielden (vocals), Kiko (guitar), Raoul (guitar)

drumers : Bruno, Éric
bassist : Hugues, Raphael, Greg
synth : Éric

Cartoon which resume our first years

Drawned by Raoul in 1992 when Thanatos was still G.A.F.F. (written in French)


Schmielden (vocals and bass), Kiko (guitar), Raoul (guitar and programming Robocop)

drumers : Michael, Robocop, Sébastien, Fred, ...

I'm looking for someone who can translate the French story of The Thanatos :)

2000 - 2004

a f***ing game : Who wants to win the video ?



Schmielden (lead vocals and bass), Kiko (guitar and backing vocals), Raoul (guitar) and Fred (drumer)

It's time to come back !