Buried Dreams (Schmielden)

My life is gone and I'm still the same
my mind has grown but dreams remain
What I have'nt done has changed into pain
If I had known I wouldn't do the same
but the tears fulfill my heart before to turn into

My dreams are howling as I die

Reckoning my time is behind me
Looking forward, it means nothing
As life is fading away I feel
That I have never been me
And no one is upthere to give
a chance to the ones who forget to live

Looking to the sky to see a sign
I feel me sliding while the light
turns into darkness and I cry
The chill of death is like a knife
for the ones who waste the few time they have to spend on

My dreams are buried as I die

Self betrayal and hypocrisy
Dreaming my life was not living my dreams
Colors of hell fulfill the horizon of my eternal night